Q.1: About ectopiavesicae, following is true except

A) Ca bladder may occur
B) Visible uretero-vesical efflux
C) Ventral curvature of penis
D) Incontinence of urine
Q.2: Circumcision is included in management of Ca penis at-

A) Glans
B) Prepuce
C) Glanduloprepucial
D) Shaft of penis
Q.3: A patient comes with stage 3 non-seminomatous testicular tumour, treatment of choice is-

A) Radiotherapy
B) Chemotherapy
C) Hormonal therapy
D) Surgery
Q.4: Treatment of metastatic testicular carcinoma is-

A) Bleomycin, Etoposide, Cisplatin
B) Vinblastine, Etoposide, Cisplatin
C) Doxorubicin, 5FU, Mercaptopurine
D) Methotrexate, 5FU, Vincristine
Q.5: A 60 year old male patient presents with hematuria at the onset of micturition, cause is-

A) Prostatitis
B) Ureteric stone
C) Urethral stone
D) Bladder tumour
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