Q.1: All of the following are seen in cerebellar lesions except

A) Nystagmus
B) Ataxia
C) Resting tremor
D) Past pointing
Q.2: Anterior 2/3rd of the tongue demarcated by

A) Passavant's ridge
B) Circumvallate papillae
C) Sulcus terminalis
D) Filiform papillae
Q.3: Trophoblast differentiates into cyto and syncytio trophoblast at post fertilization day

A) 6-8
B) 8-12
C) 12-14
D) 16-18
Q.4: Which artery can be felt at anterior border of masseter against the mandible?

A) Facial artery
B) Maxillary artery
C) Posterior auricular artery
D) Superficial temporal artery
Q.5: Structure seen on the lateral wall of tonsillar fossa is?

A) Facial nerve
B) Glossopharyngeal artery
C) Superior constrictor muscle
D) Palatopharyngeus muscle
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