Q.1: All of the following statements are true for metaphysis of bone except:

A) It is the strongest part of bone.
B) It is the most vascular part of bone.
C) Growth activity is maximized here.
D) It is the region favouring hematogenous spread of infection.
Q.2: All of the following muscles are grouped together as muscles of mastication except:

A) Buccinator.
B) Masseter.
C) Temporalis.
D) Pterygoids.
Q.3: Referred pain from ureteric colic is felt in the groin due to involvement of the following nerve:
A) Subcostal.
B) Iliohypogastric.
C) Ilioinguinal.
D) Genitofemoral
Q.4: The cell junctions allowing exchange of cytoplasmic molecules between the two cells are called:

A) Gap junctions.
B) Tight junctions.
C) Anchoring junctions.
D) Focal junctions.
Q.5: The cells belonging to the following type of epithelium are provided with extra reserve of cell membrane:

A) Transitional
B) Stratified squamous
C) Stratified cuboidal.
D) Stratified columnar.
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