Q.1: Pronation and supination movements occurs in all the following joints except

A) Superior radioulnar joint
B) Middle radioulnar joint
C) Inferior radioulnar joint
D) Radiocarpal joint
Q.2: Which among the following holds true about posterior cruciate ligament?

A) Attached to the lateral femoral condyle
B) Intrasynovial
C) Prevents posterior dislocation of tibia
D) Relaxed in full flexion
Q.3: Beginning from thorax to abdomen structures that pass behind the diaphragm are all except

A) Azygos vein
B) Aorta
C) Thoracic duct
D) Greater splanchnic nerve
Q.4: Morgagni Hernia is most commonly seen in

A) Left antrior
B) Right posterior
C) Right anterior
D) Left posterior
Q.5: Which structures does not cross midline?

A) Left gonadal vein
B) Left renal vein
C) Left brachiocephalic vein
D) Hemiazygous vein
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