Q.1: Urine accumulates after injury to male urethra below perineal membrane in

A) Superficial perineal pouch
B) Deep perineal pouch
C) Space of Retzius
D) Pouch of Douglas
Q.2: All mentioned below holds true about the trigone of the urinary bladder except

A) Mucosa is loosely associated to the underlying musculature
B) Mucosa is smooth
C) It is lined by transitional epithelium
D) It is derived from the absorbed part of the mesonephric duct
Q.3: Uterus supports are all except

A) Uterosacral ligament
B) Broad ligament
C) Mackenrodt's ligament
D) Levator ani
Q.4: Posterior communicating artery is a branch of

A) Internal carotid
B) External carotid
C) Middle cerebral
D) Posterior superior cerebellar
Q.5: Coronary Ligament is present between

A) Meinisci and tibial condyle
B) Posteriorhorns of the two menisci
C) Tibia to meniscus
D) Femur to meniscus
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