Q.1: Transducin activates :

A) Cyclic AMP
B) Cyclic GMP
C) Metarhodopsin – II
D) Adenylate cyclase
Q.2: Initial deficiency manifestation of vitamin A is :

A) Bitot’s spots
B) Xeropthalmia
C) Impaired dark adaptation
D) Corneal ulceration
Q.3: Which vitamin A form has important role in synthesis of glycoproteins :

A) Retinol
B) Retinoic acid
C) Retinal
D) ß – Carotene
Q.4: Which lysosomal enzyme is deficient in gaucher’s disease :

A) Glucocerebrosidase
B) Peptidase
C) ß – Galactosidase
D) Ribonuclease
Q.5: Which one of the following is an autoimmune disorder :

A) Parkinson’s disease
B) Alzheimer’s disease
C) Myasthenia gravis
D) None of the above
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