Q.1: Menke’s kinky hair syndrome is due to :

A) Defect in the intestinal absorption of copper
B) Hypoparathyroidism
C) Reduction in the serum chloride levels
D) Hyperactivity of adrenal cortex
Q.2: Which one of the following trace element is an integral part of vitamin B12 :

A) Cobalt
B) Molybdenum
C) Copper
D) Iron
Q.3: Which one of the following contains the highest percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acids :

A) Coconut oil
B) Palm oil
C) Soyabean oil
D) Olive oil
Q.4: Which amino acids are limiting in maize :

A) Methionine and cysteine
B) Lysine and cysteine
C) Tryptophan and lysine
D) Tryptophan and leucine
Q.5: Which one of the following has the highest net protein utilization value :

A) Cereals
B) Meat
C) Egg
D) Milk
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