Q.1: In the absence of glycogen primer, which protein can serve as an acceptor of glucose units :

A) Globulin
B) Gelatin
C) Glycogenin
D) Casein
Q.2: Phosphorolytic cleavage of glycogen is catalysed by :

A) Debranching enzyme
B) Glycogen phosphorylase
C) Phosphoglucomutase
D) Glucose-6-phosphatase
Q.3: All of the following are substrate for gluconeogenesis EXCEPT :

A) L-Alanine
B) Glycerol
C) Glycogen
D) Lactate
Q.4: Which one of the following is associated with unconjugated hyper bilirubinemia :

A) Gilbert’s disease
B) Rotor’s syndrome
C) Dubin Johnson’s syndrome
D) None of the above
Q.5: Which test is performed to know the bilirubin concentration in serum :

A) Histamine stimulation test
B) Hollander’s test
C) Van den Bergh reaction
D) Rothera’s test
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