Q.1: The seat of fatigue in the intact human body is

A) Neuromuscular junction
B) Peripheral synapse
C) Central synapse
D) Muscle fibres
Q.2: The sensation of fine touch from the lower limb is carried by

A) Fasciculus gracilis
B) Anterior spinothalamic tract
C) Lateral spinothalamic tract
D) None of the above
Q.3: Somatic sensory cortex exhibits highest degree representation for<

A) Lips
B) Head
C) Thumb
D) Trunk
Q.4: A neurotransmitter released by A-delta fibres in the spinal cord is

A) Glutamate
B) Substance P
C) Acetylcholine
D) Serotonin
Q.5: Kluver-Bucy syndrome is associated with all of the following EXCEPT:
A) Psychic blindness
B) Oral tendencies
C) Hypermetamorphosis
D) Excessive anger and fear
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