Q.1: Most of the damping function for the motor control system of the CNS is provided by

A) Basal ganglia
B) Red nucleus
C) Cerebellum
D) Reticular formation
Q.2: Cerebellar lesions results in

A) Dysarthria
B) Sensory aphasia
C) Dysphasia
D) Motor aphasia
Q.3: Which of the following cerebellar cell is excitatory

A) Granule cell
B) Golgi cells
C) Basket cell
D) Stellate cell
Q.4: Which of the following is known as the silent area of the brain

A) Somatic sensory cortex
B) Basal ganglia
C) Cerebellum
D) Broca’s area
Q.5: Which of the following neurotransmitter is released in to nigrostriate fibres

A) Dopamine
B) Acetylcholine
C) Enkephalins
D) Serotonin
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