Q.1: Person suffering from Acromegaly has all of the following features EXCEPT

A) Increased hand and foot size
B) Prognathism
C) Wide spaced teeth
D) Dry skin
Q.2: Receptors for adrenal cortical hormones are present

A) On the cell membrane
B) In the cytoplasm
C) In the nucleus
D) None of the above
Q.3: All of the following are the effect of cortisol on fat metabolism EXCEPT

A) Mobilization of fat from adipose tissues
B) Increased level of free fatty acids in plasma
C) Decreased use of free fatty acid for energy
D) Increased ketone body formation
Q.4: The colloid present in the thyroid follicular cell is composed of

A) Lipids
B) Carbohydrates
C) Phospholipid
D) Thyroglobulin
Q.5: Which of the following is seen in hypothyroidism

A) Increased appetite
B) Tachycardia
C) Clonus
D) Menorrhagia
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