Q.1: The functional index of beta cells in person receiving exogenous insulin is provided by

A) C peptide level in blood
B) Proinsulin level
C) Prekallikrein level
D) Insulin level
Q.2: Insulin lowers the blood glucose level by

A) Decreased rate of glucose release from liver
B) Inhibiting glycogen synthesis
C) Increasing plasma free fatty acid level
D) By inhibiting glycolysis
Q.3: The hepatic effect of insulin includes all of the following except :

A) Increased protein synthesis
B) Decreased gluconeogenesis
C) Increased ketogenesis
D) Increased glycogen synthesis
Q.4: Antidiuretic secretion is increased by

A) Alcohol<
B) Decreased effective osmotic pressure
C) Increased ECF volume
D) Standing
Q.5: Actions of oxytocin includes all of the following except:

A) Contraction of pregnant uterus
B) Synthesis of milk
C) Ejection of mild
D) Contraction of vas deferens
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