Q.1: Most of the resistance to the renal blood flow is offered by

A) Efferent arterioles
B) Afferent arterioles
C) Peritubular capillaries
D) Renal vein
Q.2: Renal autoregulation is influenced to a great extent by

A) Epinephrine
B) Acetylcholine
C) Angiotensin
D) None of the above
Q.3: Inulin is used to measure

A) Renal blood flow
B) Renal plasma flow
C) Urinary volume
D) Glomerular filtration rate
Q.4: Early part of DCT is referred to as diluting segment because

A) It is impermeable to Na+, K+ and Cl-
B) It is permeable to urea and water
C) Both are correct
D) None of the above
Q.5: The final site for processing urine is (though it reabsorbs only 10% of filtered Na+ and Water)

A) Proximal convolutes tubule
B) Cortical collecting duct
C) Medullary collecting duct
D) Renal papilla
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