Q.1: Agents useful in bronchial asthma include all the following, except:

A) Adrenaline
B) Noradrenaline
C) Isoprenaline
D) Ephedrine
Q.2: The drug of choice in anaphylactic shock is:

A) Isoprenaline
B) Adrenaline
C) Dobutamine
D) Noradrenaline
Q.3: Beta-blockers are better avoided in:

A) Bronchial asthma
B) Pheochromocytoma
C) Myocardial infarction
D) Migraine
Q.4: The following statements regarding ergot alkaloids are true except:

A) They can cause a significant rise in blood pressure
B) They can reverse the pressor response of epinephrine to a depressor action
C) They can induce profound tachycardia
D) They can cause gangrene of the extremities on prolonged administration
Q.5: Contraindications for the use of cholinergic agents include all the following, except:

A) Hyperthyroidism
B) Bronchial asthma
C) Glaucoma
D) Peptic ulcer
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