Q.1: The anti-cholinesterase with the shortest duration of action is:

A) Neostigmine
B) Pyridostigmine
C) Edrophonium
D) Ambenonium
Q.2: The organ extremely sensitive to the action of atropine is:

A) Gastric glands
B) Salivary glands
C) Urinary bladder muscle
D) Heart
Q.3: The antimuscarinic agent preferred in the management of motion sickness is:

A) Atropine methonitrate
B) Scopolamine
C) Homatropine methyl bromide
D) Ipratropium bromide
Q.4: The neuromuscular blocker that can cross the placenta is:

A) D-tubocurarine
B) Succinylcholine
C) Gallamine
D) Pancuronium
Q.5: Centrally acting skeletal muscle relaxant is:

A) Carisoprodol
B) Dantrolene
C) Gallamine
D) Succinylcholine
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