Q.1: Chronic ingestion of alcohol can result in the following, except:

A) Gynaecomastia in men
B) Cardiomyopathy
C) Inhibition of liver enzymes
D) Pancreatitis
Q.2: Acute opium poisoning is treated by intravenous administration of:

A) Naloxone
B) Pethidine
C) Nalbuphine
D) Noscapine
Q.3: Administration of aspirin in third trimester is likely to produce the following effects, except:

A) Premature closure of ductus arteriosus
B) Excess blood loss
C) Premature labour
D) Complicated delivery
Q.4: Following statements about long-term use of diazepam are true, except:

A) Incidence of abuse and dependence is low
B) Residual daytime sleepiness may be present with its use
C) Tolerance to its sedative action may develop
D) Onset of withdrawal symptoms is immediate
Q.5: Ultrashort duration of effect of thiopentone sodium given intravenously is due to:

A) Rapid hepatic metabolism
B) Rapid renal clearance
C) Extensive binding to plasma proteins
D) Redistribution to body tissues outside the CNS
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