Q.1: The drug of choice for myoclonic epilepsy:

A) Carbamazepine
B) Phenobarbitone
C) Phenytoin sodium
D) Valproic acid
Q.2: The following measures may be helpful in status epilepticus, except:

A) Intramuscular diazepam
B) Rectal paraldehyde
C) Intravenous phenytoin
D) Intravenous phenobarbital
Q.3: Which of the following does not produce hypertensive crisis when coadministered with levodopa?

A) Phenelzine
B) Selegiline
C) Isocarboxazid
D) Pargyline
Q.4: The following adverse effects can develop during lithium therapy, except:

A) Urinary retention
B) Goiter
C) Pretibial edema
D) Vomiting
Q.5: Preanaesthetic medication comprises of all the following except:

A) Diazepam
B) Atropine
C) Metoclopramide
D) Lignocaine
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