Q.1: The commonest site of an atherosclerotic aneurysm is:

A) Cerebral vessels
B) Left ventricle
C) Thoracic aorta
D) Abdominal aorta
Q.2: Maccallum’s patch is seen in:

A) Bacterial endocarditis
B) Hypertensive heart disease
C) Rheumatic heart disease
D) Rheumatoid arthritis
Q.3: Which of the following factors does not predispose to bacterial endocarditis:

A) Catheterisation
B) Intravenous injections
C) Hypertension
D) Post-delivery
Q.4: In myocardial infarction, neutrophils appear around the infarct within:

A) Less than 4 hours
B) 6 hours
C) 8 hours
D) 12 hours
Q.5: Left ventricular hypertrophy is not seen in:

A) Aortic regurgitation
B) Aortic stenosis
C) Hypertension
D) Mitral stenosis
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