Q.1: The commonest primary tumour of the heart in children is:

A) Angioma
B) Fibroma
C) Lipoma
D) Rhabdomyoma
Q.2: Which of the following is not true of Milroy’s disease?

A) Present since birth
B) Faulty development of lymphatics
C) Involves upper extremities only
D) Mendelian inheritance
Q.3: The most important cause of acute right ventricular failure is:

A) Pulmonary stenosis
B) Tricuspid stenosis
C) Mitral stenosis
D) Massive pulmonary embolism
Q.4: The commonest indication of cardiac transplantation is:

A) Dilated cardiomyopathy
B) Ischemic heart disease
C) Congenital heart disease
D) Valvular heart disease
Q.5: Charcot-Bouchard aneurysms occur in:

A) Liver
B) Retina
C) Brain
D) Heart
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