Q.1: Which of the following is not found in meningococci?

A) Peptidoglycan
B) Plasmid
C) Mitochiondria
D) Capsule
Q.2: Best treatment for contaminated wound with necrotic material is:

A) Anti-gas gangrene serum
B) Debridement
C) Antibiotics
D) Tetanus toxoid
Q.3: Wrong about Cl.tetani?

A) Main reservoir- Soil, human & animal intestine
B) MC mode of transmission- Trauma & contaminated wound
C) Herd immunity- not useful
D) MC season- winter and dry
Q.4: DOC for pseudo membranous enterocolitis:

A) Oral Vancomycin
B) Penicillin
C) Oral Ampicillin
D) Clindamycin
Q.5: Antibodies against PGL-1 are seen in:

A) M. leprae
B) M tuberculosis
C) Borrelia
D) Brucella
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