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Q.1: The histological diagnosis of Hodgkin’s disease is based on the presence of:
A) Eosinophils
B) Multinucleated giant cells
C) Popcorn cells
D) Reed-Sternberg cells
Q.2: Gamma Gandy bodies in spleen are seen in which of the following diseases?
A) Amyloidosis
B) Chronic malaria
C) Fibro congestive splenomegaly
D) Sickle cell anemia
Q.3: ‘Sago spleen’ is seen in which disease?
A) Tuberculosis
B) Leprosy
C) Secondary amyloidosis
D) Primary amyloidosis
Q.4: Which of the following statements is not true of follicular lymphomas?
A) Occurs in older people
B) Has an equal sex incidence
C) Remains confined to one site
D) Better prognosis
Q.5: ‘Lacunar cell’ in a lymph node is characteristic of:
A) Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma
B) Nodular sclerosis Hodgkin’s lymphoma
C) Lymphocytic depletion Hodgkin’s lymphoma
D) Lennert’s lymphoma
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