Q.1: Starting from trachea to alveoli there are

A) 10-16 generations
B) 20-25 generations
C) 26-30 generations
D) 5-10 generations
Q.2: Which of the following does not participate in articulation

A) Larynx
B) Lip
C) Mouth
D) Tongue
Q.3: Which of the following is NOT a function of the nose

A) Warming of air
B) Humidification of air
C) Phonation
D) Filtration of air
Q.4: Dorsal respiratory group of neurons are responsible for

A) Initiation of inspiration
B) Initiation of expiration
C) Hering Breuer reflex
D) Apnoea
Q.5: Hypercapnoea is most likely to occur in

A) Myasthenia gravis
B) Paralysis of the diaphragm
C) Depression of respiratory neurons
D) Cardiac asthma
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