Q.1: Which quadrant of breast is commonly involved in breast carcinoma?
A) Lower & outer
B) Upper & outer
C) Lower & inner 
D) Upper & inner
Q.2: Length of Oesophagus is-
A) 35cm
B) 15cm 
C) 45cm 
D) 25cm
Q.3: The commonest site of Ca Esophagus in India is-
A) Upper 1/3rd
B) Middle 1/3rd 
C) Lower 1/3rd 
D) Gastroesophageal junction
Q.4: Most common cause of esophagitis is-
A) Alcohol
B) Spicy food
C) Smoking
D) Esophageal reflux
Q.5: Commonest benign tumour of esophagus is-
A) Leimyoma
B) Papilloma 
C) Adenoma 
D) Hemangioma
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