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Q.1: Complement complex that attacks cell membrane is:

A) C12345
B) C23456
C) C34567
D) C56789
Q.2: Which of these complement factor is a marker of Humoral rejection?

A) C3d
B) C5a
C) C3b
D) C4d
Q.3: Antigen presenting cells are all except

A) M-cells
B) Thymocytes
C) Macrophages
D) Langerhans cells
Q.4: Most reactive free radicle is

A) Superoxide
B) Hydroxyl
C) Peroxide
D) Carboxyl
Q.5: Serum sickness is

A) Type-I Hypersensitivity reaction
B) Type-II Hypersensitivity reaction
C) Type-III Hypersensitivity reaction
D) Type-IV Hypersensitivity reaction
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