Q.1: A rash mostly affecting the trunk, and eruption lines up in skin folds giving a "fir tree"-like appearance and generally sparing palms and soles is typically suggestive of?
A) Psoriasis
B) Lichen planus
C) Pityriasis rosea
D) Pityriasis alba
Q.2: Seabather eruptions are cause by bite of which of the following marine organism?

A) Sting ray
B) Coelenterate
C) Jelly fish
D) None of the above
Q.3: Which cell expresses cytokine CCR6?
A) Keratinocyte
B) Melanocyte
C) Merkel cell
D) Langerhans cell
Q.4: "Shawl" sign is seen in?

A) Psoriasis
B) Dermato polymyositis
C) Sun burn
D) Skin Cancer
Q.5: The treatment of choice of sweet syndrome is:
A) Antibiotic
B) Antifungals
C) Corticosteroids
D) UV light
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