Q.1: Person suffering from severe burns is transfused with

A) Plasma
B) Whole blood
C) Isotonic saline
D) Platelet
Q.2: Hemolytic anaemia is observed in all of the following EXCEPT

A) Sickle cell anaemia
B) Mismatched blood transfusion
C) Erythroblastosisfoetalis
D) Folic acid deficiency
Q.3: Which of the following is true about stored blood

A) Decrease in intracellular Na+
B) Increase in intracellular Na+
C) Decrease in plasma K+
D) Hypercalcemia in plasma
Q.4: The clotting of blood in normal intact vascular segment is prevented by all the following EXCEPT

A) Smooth endothelium
B) Absence of glycocalyx on endothelium
C) Presence of thrombomodulin
D) Continuous blood flow
Q.5: The intermediatory role of antibody in binding of antigen to the phagocytic cell is called

A) Agglutination
B) Rouleaux formation
C) Opsonization
D) Neutralization
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