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Q.1: Biliary stricture developing after laparoscopic cholecystectomy usually occurs at which part of CBD?
A) Upper 
B) Middle 
C) Lower
D) None
Q.2: Which of the following does not predispose to cholangiocarcinoma?
A) Choledochal cyst 
B) Chronic pancreatitis 
C) Ulcerative collitis
D) Chonorchissinensis
Q.3: Commonest type of Ca Gallbladder with gall stones is-
A) Anaplastic carcinoma 
B) Sq. cell Carcinoma
C) Transitional cell carcinoma 
D) Adenocarcinoma
Q.4: Most common cause of Billiary Stricture is-
A) Trauma
B) Cholangitis
C) CBD stone
D) Congenital
Q.5: Gall bladder is capable of distending ____ml?
A) 20 
B) 50
C) 60
D) 70
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