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Q.1: Least common cause of neonatal sepsis in India.
A) klebsiella
B) E.coli
C) Staph aureus
D) Group B streptococcus
Q.2: In a child with tetralogy of fallot with fever and diarrhea, which of the following is the surest sign of cyanotic spell:
A) Arterial oxygen saturation of less then 75%
B) S3 gallop rhythm
C) Absence of murmur
D) Hepatomegaly
Q.3: Which is the most common congenital abnormality in a baby of a diabetic women:
A) Ventricular septal defect
B) Sacral agenesis
C) Meningomvelocele
D) Anencephayl
Q.4: Which of the following will favor the diagnosis of RDS in new born?
A) Receipt of antenatal steroids
B) Air bronchogram in chest X-ray
C) Manifests after 6 hours
D) Occurs after term gestation
Q.5: A toddler has few drops of blood coming out of rectum. Probable diagnosis is:
A) Juvenile rectal polyp
B) Adenoid poliposis coli
C) Rectal ulcer
D) Piles
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