Q.1: Method of choice for sterilization of endotracheal tube is

A) Gamma rays
B) Boiling
C) Autoclaving
D) ETO gas
Q.2: A patient with history of myocardial ischemia is to be operated for cholecystectomy, the anaesthetist would like to use:

A) Isoflurane
B) Enflurane
C) Desflurane
D) Halothane
Q.3: During intubation of newborn, which endotracheal tube and blade of laryngoscope is required:
A) Un-cuffed tube with curved blade
B) Un-cuffed tube with straight blade
C) Cuffed tube with curved blade
D) Cuffed tube with straight blade
Q.4: Last to recover in spinal anaesthesia:

A) Pain
B) Motor
C) Proprioception
D) Preganglionic sympathetic
Q.5: Most common causative agent for meningitis after spinal subarachnoid block is:

A) Staphylococcus epidermidis
B) Staphylococcus aureus
C) Pseudomonas
D) Streptococcus
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