Q.1: Earliest symptom of GERD which becomes pathological in an infant is?
A) Respiratory distress 
B) Upper GI bleed 
C) Regurgitation & Vomiting 
D) Food bolus obstruction
Q.2: Which of the following drugs is not used in Juvenile Myoclonic epilepsy (JME)?
A) Topiramate
B) Zonisamide
C) Carbamezapine
D) Valproate
Q.3: Which of the following syndromes is best associated with congenital heart disease? (AIIMS May 05)
A) Lesch-Nyhan syndrome 
B) Rasmussen syndrome
C) Holt Oram syndrome
D) Leopard syndrome
Q.4: Most important prognostic factor in congenital diaphragmatic hernia?
A) Pulmonary hypertension 
B) Timing of surgery
C) Size of defect 
D) Gestational age at which child was born
Q.5: Commonest location for craniopharyngioma is:
A) Intrasellar
B) Suprasellar
C) Intraventricular
D) Intracerebral
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