Q.1: The psychological disorder most commonly associated with myxoedema is:
A) Mania
B) Depression
C) Phobia
D) Paranoid feeling
Q.2: A patient presents with impaired consciousness, fragmentary delusions, visual hallucinations, and hyperactivity. The diagnosis is :
A) Dementia
B) Delirium
C) Paranoid psychosis
D) Schizophrenia
Q.3: Reversible dementia is a feature of :

A) Alzheimer’s disease
B) Pick’s disease
C) Multi infarct dementia
D) Hypothyroidism
Q.4: Dementia pugilistica is seen in:

A) Punchdrunk syndrome
B) Alcoholism
C) Alzheimer's disease
D) Senile dementia
Q.5: Subcortical dementia is seen in all, except:

A) Alzheimer’s disease
B) Huntington’s chorea
C) Parkinsonism
D) Wilson’s disease
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