Course Description

JavaScript is a scripting language for computers and is used in web browser applications to create dynamic content. Script languages are easier and faster to code in than the more structured and compiled languages.

  • This is the only online course taught by a professional design instructor.
  • It is the most easiest and simple language to learn. 
  • It is up-to-date and you can learn step by step all the fundamentals of JavaScript.
  • The course is constantly updated with new content, projects, and modules.
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What are the requirements?

  • Have a computer with Internet.
  • Basic knowledge of HTML.
  • Passion to learn something new.

Target Audience:

  • This course is designed for the aspiring Web Designers and Developers.
  • It's perfect for complete beginners with zero experience.
  • It's also great for anyone who does have some experience in a few of the technologies (like CSS) but not all.

Included In This Course

Below are the list of content included in this course. First few lectures are free of cost. Other lectures will be unlocked once you buy this course.

Chapter 1Introduction To JavaScript02:44 Unlock
Chapter 2Client Side & Server Side Scripting Language02:41 Unlock
Chapter 3Syntax05:09 Unlock
Chapter 4Variables07:30 Unlock
Chapter 5Datatypes09:48 Unlock
Chapter 6Operators11:48 Unlock
Chapter 7Comments04:28 Unlock
Chapter 8Conditional Statements   
8.1If Else Statements06:48 Unlock
8.2If ElseIf Statements07:26 Unlock
8.3Switch Case Statements12:39 Unlock
Chapter 9Looping Statements   
9.1For Loop09:38 Unlock
9.2While Loop08:18 Unlock
9.3Do While Loop11:47 Unlock
Chapter 10Break Keyword04:38 Unlock
Chapter 11Continue Keyword05:42 Unlock
Chapter 12Function04:00 Unlock
Chapter 13Page Redirect06:48 Unlock
Chapter 14Page Refresh04:38 Unlock
Chapter 15Mouse Events   
15.1Introduction To Mouse Events1:39 Unlock
15.2OnClick Event7:52
15.3OnChange Event5:02 Unlock
15.4OnLoad Event3:03 Unlock
15.5OnMouseOverEvent2:56 Unlock
15.6OnMouseOut Event2:28 Unlock
15.7OnMouseDownEvent2:58 Unlock
15.8OnMouseUp Event3:31 Unlock
Chapter 16Strings   
16.1Introduction To Strings06:37 Unlock
16.2indexOf05:48 Unlock
16.3lastIndexOf03:28 Unlock
16.4replace04:52 Unlock
16.5toUpperCase06:24 Unlock
16.6toLowerCase06:48 Unlock
16.7concat08:12 Unlock
16.8charAt06:17 Unlock
16.9charCodeAt11:09 Unlock
16.10parseFloat10:29 Unlock
16.11parseInt08:58 Unlock
16.12toString07:25 Unlock
Chapter 17Array   
17.1Introduction To Array14:10 Unlock
17.2length Property05:41 Unlock

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  • Total 45 Videos
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Language: English
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