NEET PG 2017 LIVE Mock Test 11

This test has total 300 questions of 4 marks each. For all the correct responses, 4 marks will be awarded. 1/4th negative marking will also be there i.e. for every incorrect response 1 mark will be deducted.

Your each answer option is saved, after you select the option from the given question. However, if you move to the previous questions & don't find the answers ticked, Do not worry! Just click the refresh button to see your saved responses.

You can review the test any time to assess your preparation level with the detailed performance analysis report.

  • Duration : 03:30
  • Questions :300
  • Max. Marks :1200
  • Type : Live
  • Take Test : Free
  • Starts on :11-Nov-2017
  • Correct Answers : Paid
  • Explanations : Paid
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