Test Your Basics - Part 1

What is Test Your Basics(Part 1) exam?
Test Your Basics (Part 1) is a national level mock test which will let you understand your knowledge about pre and para clinical subjects. Also it will help you to know your preparation level for NEET PG.
The test will be conducted online on RankJunction.com between 17th to 20th June 2017. The test is absolutely free.

Why should one attempt Test Your Basics (Part 1) exam?
We understand that while preparing for any Medical PG Entrance exams the pre and para clinical subjects forms the basis of your studies. It has to be revised thoroughly before you start focusing on your clinical subjects. These subjects play an important role when you actually start practicing in a hospital.
Keeping this in mind, we are conducting our next National Level Mock Exam, Test your Basics (Part 1).

  • Duration : 00:30
  • Questions :50
  • Max. Marks :100
  • Type : Live
  • Take Test : Free
  • Starts on :17-Jun-2017
  • Correct Answers : Free
  • Explanations : Free
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